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Education Sessions & Speakers

It has been said that education creates the foundation on which to build a future. Restaurant Show education sessions offer the chance to increase your industry knowledge in order to open doors of discovery, invention, and growth. Mix and match topics to suit your professional and business needs.



On-Floor Education

  • Business Operations
  • TECH Talks
  • KI Fireside Chats
  • Beverage / Alcohol
  • Workforce Development
  • Food & Nutrition

Business Operations

Get informed by the experts on topics critical to smoothly running your business operations, including legal and compliance matters, gender equality, and tax reform.

2018 sessions included topics like:

  • Big Brands Aren’t Dead, Mediocre Performance IS

  • Gender Equity

  • Immigration Compliance Updates Under the Trump Administration

  • Key Trends Shaping the Future of Foodservice

  • Pay Practices and the Law

  • Sanitation Certification for Automated Foodservice Equipment

  • Tax Reform

  • The Power of Foodservice at Retail

TECH Talks

Discover how the cloud, apps, and software can change the way you do business.

2018 sessions included:

  • A Couple of Apps for the Table: How Technology Reshapes the Restaurant Industry

  • Science of Scheduling: A New Approach to Workforce Planning

  • Simplify for Growth: Choosing the Right Accounting and Back-Office Platform

  • The Impact of Cloud Technology on Multi-Unit Operators

  • Transforming the Restaurant Experience for Diners and Wait Staff Alike


2019 TECH Talks Sponsors:

KI Fireside Chats

Equipment Innovations Shaping the Future of Foodservice

The KI Showroom hosts special sessions on recognizing what equipment innovations truly make foodservice operators more efficient and how to identify what is right for your business. Fireside-style chats with key dealers, operators, and consultants address these issues and much more. These special sessions provide anyone who purchases, recommends, or specifies foodservice equipment access to critical information coming directly from key players in the industry.
2018 sessions included topics such as:             

  • Consultants’ Take on Foodservice Equipment Innovation

  • How Equipment Innovation Can Provide the Rx for Healthcare Foodservice

  • Innovations in Equipment: Today and Tomorrow

  • Engineering Innovation in Foodservice Equipment

  • Innovative by Design: How Equipment Helps Drive Efficiency Among Commercial Foodservice Operators

  • Back to School: How College and University Foodservice Operators Leverage Equipment to Become More Innovative

  • Seeking Solutions: Innovative Answers to Today’s Pressing Foodservice Challenges



Beverage / Alcohol

Keep your beverage alcohol program on trend with sessions focused on the latest techniques and trends, creating unique customer experiences, and building your craft beer offerings.

2018 sessions included topic such as:

  • Adopting Cocktail Trends in Small or Multiunit Operations

  • Craft Beer Panel

  • Craft Your Cocktails

  • Equality in the Workplace

  • Increase Sales through Culture

  • Sea Kelp Infusions Mixology Demo

  • Star of the Bar Sampling Demos

  • The Art of Hospitality

  • Understanding the Wine Drinker of 2018

Workforce Development

You’re in the hospitality business and that means customer service is critical. You need a motivated team to deliver a top-notch customer experience.

2018 sessions included topic such as:

  • Hire, Train, Reward, Retain: Building a Team of Top Performers

  • How to Develop and Maintain Rock Star Employees

  • Impact Business Performance: Elevate Your Workforce

  • Maximum Bang, Minimum Buck: Getting the Most Out of Your Training Dollars   

  • ServSuccess: Stronger Workforce, Stronger Industry

  • Successful Businesses Are Embracing Turnover, Know Why You Should Too

  • Team-Building Techniques for Ever-Changing Teams

  • Video Killed the Radio Star; And It's Killing the Training Binder, Too

  • Winning the Workforce

Food & Nutrition

At the end of the day, your business is about diners and food. These sessions keep you up-to-date on the issues that matter to today’s consumer—sustainability, children’s nutrition, foodborne illness, and more.

2018 sessions included:

  • Cannabis Policy

  • Designing Healthy Menus for Children: A Culinary Nutrition Approach

  • Getting What You Paid for: How to Sustainably Source Your Restaurant Food Supply

  • Modern Technology – Friend or Foe to Sustainability on Farms?

  • Menu Trends 2018: Turning Trends Into Money Makers

  • Sourcing Sustainable Seafood Is Easier Than You Think

  • Using Social Media to Track/Prevent Foodborne Illness

  • Wearable Learning-The Smart Training Modality of the Future for Restaurants


As the 2019 schedule starts to take shape, we would like to thank our sponsors hosting sessions.


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Culinary Education

  • Bellavita Food & Wine Theatre
  • World Culinary Showcase

Bellavita Food & Wine Theatre

Attend classes hosted by the finest chefs and sommeliers in the business.

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