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Startup Alley Exhibitors

These 13 2018 Startup Alley exhibitors epitomize how digital innovation and foodservice meet.

Startup Alley Exhibitors

Bear Robotics

Bear Robotics, Inc. offers AI-driven robots that are optimized for running and bussing in a restaurant. The company's robots create value for restaurant operators via increased profit margins and enrich dining service for a restaurant's employees and customers.

Booth #5675E
Facebook: Bear Robotics
LinkedIn: Bear Robotics
Website: Bear Robotics

Big Zpoon

BigZpoon is dedicated to reducing global food waste and helping the environment by creating a new, profitable channel for restaurants to instantly connect with value-seeking customers and sell their surplus or unsold food. The BigZpoon platform creates win-win-win situations for restaurants, consumers, and Planet Earth.

Booth #5675A
Facebook: Big Zpoon
LinkedIn: Big Zpoon
Twitter: @BigZpoon
Website: Big Zpoon


Eatabit streamlines the operations of restaurants and their online food ordering partners by standardizing the way food orders get to restaurants.

Booth #5675G
Twitter: @eatabit
Website: Eatabit


At Fisherman, we generate complete, intuitive, and one-of-a-kind websites for restaurants and the broader food service industry—all by using your answers to a few simple questions on fishrmn.com.

Booth #5675C
Facebook: Fisherman
LinkedIn: Fisherman
Website: Fisherman

Glance Technologies, Inc.

Glance Pay is the fastest growing mobile payment solution for restaurants and has revolutionized how smartphone users pay their restaurant bill, earn digital rewards, and promotions, and discover new locations within their communities. Glance Pay offers a free app for iOS and Android devices which includes real-time payment processing resulting in faster table turnover, sophisticated anti-fraud technology, and amazing promotional incentives for users dining with our restaurant partners.

Booth #5675B
Facebook: Glance
LinkedIn: Glance
Twitter: @GlancePay
Website: Glance


InKind's technology creates a unique experience for a restaurant's best guest: she walks into her favorite restaurant and the host instantly recognizes her, the server knows her purchase history and preferences, and the manager is prompted with details to customize her experience. At the end of her experience, she simply gets up and walks out without a bill even needing to be presented.

Booth #5675J
Website: InKind

Kiosko Mobile

Kiosko Mobile is the future of digital ordering. Built with ultimate ease of use, and a networked app environment, Kiosko enables customer adoption and viral growth potential.

Booth #5675L
Website: Kiosko

Piik Insights

Piik uses data science & artificial intelligence to solve business problems. Our pattern-recognition and business intelligence software brings together data from multiple sources, provides interactive analyses and trends, and generates automated insights and recommendations to help restaurants grow sales, optimize costs, and increase profitability.

Booth #5675I
Facebook: Piik Insights
LinkedIn: Piik Insights
​Twitter: @piikinsights
Website: Piik Insights


Sirved, the menu-based search engine that lets you see every menu from every restaurant, filtered by dish or craving.

Booth #5675N
Facebook: GetSirved
Twitter: @GetSirved
Website: Sirved


Spiffy is a free restaurant training app which educates staff on beer, wine, spirits, and other important topics like sexual harassment in the hospitality sector. Restaurants who want to boost average ticket and reduce labour costs can also use Spiffy to deliver their menu and process training to the mobile phones of their team!

Booth #5675M
Facebook: Letsgetspiffy
LinkedIn: Spiffy
Twitter: @LetsGetSipiffy
Website: Spiffy


Spokin App is the easiest and most personalized way to connect consumers with food allergies to restaurants.

Booth #5675H
Facebook: Spokin
LinkedIn: Spokin
Twitter: @SpokInc
Website: Spokin

Sponsiv Digital

Sponsiv's customized, professionally designed iPad-based platforms bring restaurant beverage menus to life. Sell more wine, beer, spirits and cocktails by enhancing the guest experience and ensuring servers have consistent information to share.

Booth #5675D
Facebook: Sponsiv
Website: Sponsiv

TransX Systems

TransX Systems is a technology company providing cost-effective, turnkey omni-channel marketing and in-store consumer engagement solutions that increase revenues, acquire new customers, and increase repeat business, all while reducing labor costs for global brands, along with national, regional, and local restaurant chains.

Booth #5675F
Website: TransX