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National Restaurant Association News

We are excited to announce that the National Restaurant Association has entered into an agreement with Winsight Media. The Association will become an equity partner of Winsight Media, and Winsight will assume operational ownership and execution of the National Restaurant Association Show. Building on the Show’s success, the partnership will accelerate programming and content to drive attendance and enhance the value the Show provides for the industry’s senior-level operators and executives.

The Association must position ourselves for the future by finding new ways to help our members thrive as they navigate a dynamic, fast-changing operational environment. This partnership helps us do that.

This is an exciting opportunity. This gives us the capability to enhance the National Restaurant Association Show experience, while at the same time fueling our Association mission to advance and protect the restaurant and foodservice industry.


What are the benefits of this partnership for Show stakeholders?

The agreement will result in an enhanced Show experience and greater opportunities for all Show stakeholders. That includes members, sponsors, partners, and Show exhibitors and attendees. Winsight will build on the Show’s success and accelerate the Show’s programming and content to drive attendance and increase the Show’s value for the industry’s senior-level operators and executives.

Who will produce and manage the Show?

The same great Show team from the National Restaurant Association will move over to Winsight and be a part of Winsight’s new Restaurant Show division.

How does the National Restaurant Association benefit from this partnership?

This partnership is intended to serve the emerging and changing needs of the foodservice industry. Through the partnership, the National Restaurant Association gains new opportunities to deliver best-in-class content, drive member value, broadcast advocacy messages, advance the industry’s stories,and provide data-driven insights to fuel the restaurant and foodservice industry’s growth and profitability.

This sounds great! How do I register for the next Show?

Click here to register for the 2019 Show. For a limited time, the price is only $69, more than 45% off the full price.

When will the deal close?

The deal is expected to close some time in Q4 2018.