“Consumers are becoming brand-agnostic. Retailer-agnostic. Daypart-agnostic….

This is the trend you should be most worried about as retailers lose their relationships with food shoppers to brands like Instacart and Uber, who make the retailer…practically invisible as they continue to offer choices from multiple outlets....They own the customer….It’s time to fight for that shopper relationship.”

--a 2016 trend from Phil Lempert, SupermarketGuru

Grocerants are an emerging opportunity to overcome the threat of consumer indifference to the store.  Sit-down dining leads people to spend time in the store, and absorb how they can use many aspects of the store to their benefit.

Consider how a wellness-driven shopper drinking a fruit smoothie while seated may make another round at the produce department.  Or decide to sign up for a culinary workshop with a chef that also has a nutritional component, as at ShopRite.

Think how time-starved shoppers appreciate the convenience of a quick, satisfying meal at the store.  Or how working parents like having a safe place for their student sons and daughters to meet friends and eat after school or soccer. 

Examples like these stretch the definition of how shopping families can use their local supermarket or c-store to best advantage.  It’s easy to see how this closer relationship can result in more trips, lengthier stays, and a growing awareness of what the stores offer.

Grocerants are more than tiebreakers. They can be destination makers that give shoppers a true affinity for a store.

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