A hefty majority of customers in your trading areas (68%) are aware of nearby grocerants and could come, finds a 2015 SupermarketGuru consumer poll.

Chances improve if you conceive and run grocerants well and tailor offerings to customers’ local preferences and eating occasions.

Grocerants are already gaining share of the 40% of food dollars Americans spend on out-of-home consumption, says the USDA Agricultural Research Service.  With the right approach, your stores will secure their fair share too.  Consider, for instance, a growler bar for Millennial dads or a vegetarian theme for yoga moms.

In the markets where grocerants exist today:

  •  Nearly 60% of the SupermarketGuru survey respondents said they eat there because it is convenient
  • 36% cite the ability to food-shop on the same trip
  • 32% say the food tastes good
  • 31% say it costs less than a restaurant 
  • Other less common reasons are comfort, easy place to sit without feeling rushed, easy to park, and the family enjoys it.

Strategies based on these insights will resonate with shoppers, and deliver the traffic you seek.

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