Grocerants that skew their food and design to Millennial tastes - as retailers tend to do – will lure traffic to their dining spots and stores for years to come.  With homes and babies in their near future, older Millennials’ value to stores is rising.

Better experiences are on the table for Millennials too. “Grocerants and all food retailers should listen to and target these consumers because they force the industry to be better,” says SupermarketGuru Phil Lempert.  “They demand quality, taste, authenticity and transparency from the foods they buy and who they buy them from.  That makes us all step up to do a better job day in and day out.”   

FRG asked Technomic principal Wade Hanson to weigh in with late-2016 data revealing Millennial relationships with grocerants. Did you realize that 41% of supermarket foodservice ‘heavy users’ are Millennials who purchase at least once a week?

Millennials are unique in what they want from supermarket dining, states Technomic:

  • 48% of Millennials say food quality is very important, up from 42% in 2015. Still, this is lower than the larger population.
  • 37% want larger sizes and quantities available from supermarket foodservice. By contrast, 28% of the total population feels this way.
  • 32% say a retailer’s social responsibility record is very important when deciding where to buy prepared foods. By contrast, 26% of the total population prioritize this.
  • 30% of Millennials say it is very important for a retailer to offer online or mobile ordering options for prepared foods. Just 19% of the total population feels this way.
  • 28% say mobile payments are very important to them at a supermarket foodservice department. This is a fast-evolving expectation; just a year earlier, the figure was 20%.

Mr. Lempert urges communication to Millennials via mobile and social media, which they prefer.  “We learn a new set of communication rules with each generation. With the 75+, it was all about radio. Boomers, it was all about TV. And with the first generation to grow up with the Internet, it’s all about social media and their mobile devices,” he says. “If we want them to hear our messages, we must use the media they pay attention to. Never is the time more apt to heed the words of Marshall McLuhan to remind us that ‘the media is the message.’”