When this newsletter writes about grocerants, we focus on prepared foods to be consumed on premises.  These can take the form of sit-down restaurants at Hy-Vee, growler bars at Kroger, or the food courts, sushi bars, smokehouse, smoothies bars and pizza places at Mariano’s, to name a few.  (In our exclusive interview this issue, Gary Zickel, the operations head of foodservice at this innovative Chicago chain, shares valuable insights with readers considering efforts like these.) A grocerant can be inside or adjacent to a supermarket or convenience store.

We’re not talking about takeout here – because supermarkets and convenience stores already have vast experience and knowledge in the takeout sector of prepared foods.

Rather, NRA Show and SupermarketGuru want to take grocers and c-stores to the next level with winning on-premise concepts that differentiate them further. The right mix of cuisines, menus and designs attracts multiple generations. Perks like wifi cause customers to come and stay.  Efficient operations boost profits.  Local sources of ingredients and health themes support the store’s image. What’s not to love about grocerants?

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