According to recent CDC estimates, our hands transmit 80% of all infections.  And yet, according to a 2013 Michigan State University study observing 3,749 people in public restrooms, researchers found that only 5% washed their hands long enough to kill the germs that can cause infections.  What’s more, 33% didn’t use soap and 10% didn’t wash their hands at all, men being the main culprits.

The ramifications of this data for the restaurant and foodservice industries can be summed up in a single word: Yuck.

Luckily for us diners, the good folks at Ecolab® recently introduced a product to address this rampant and alarming lack of hygiene.

Called the Syncra™ Total Hand Hygiene System, this automated, touch-free, water-and-soap delivery system follows a strict, yet adjustable, three-step process (Water & Soap, Timed Lather & Scrub, and Rinse) to ensure increased employee compliance, standardized hand-washing procedures and consistent results, all while using 50% less water than traditional hand washing.

“First and foremost, Syncra makes sure people wash their hands the right way and at the right time, every time,” explains John Morey, Marketing Manager, Institutional Hand Hygiene at Ecolab.  “Because it’s automated and completely touch-free, all you need to do is put your hands under [the tap] to get an initial dose of water to pre-wet your hands. The Syncra then doses the right amount of soap and shuts down to let you scrub your hands, which saves water.  The scrub period is adjustable, anywhere from 5 to 25 seconds depending on whether food code is involved or specific CDC recommendations for a particular application.  Once the scrub period is over the faucet doses more water for a complete rinse.”

A truly revolutionary product, not to mention one with serious health benefits, the Syncra™ Total Hand Hygiene System received a coveted Kitchen Innovation (KI) award at this year’s NRA Show.

For more information and to see Syncra in action, please visit the Ecolab booth, #4000.