Buy PokeCoins, offer a place to recharge and gameplay tips

A cheap, easy way to bring gamer traffic to your grocerant landed in your lap this summer—the biggest hit mobile game ever in America. If you haven’t yet taken steps to benefit from hordes of fanatical Pokemon Go players, there is still time. 

More than 30 million teens, kids and adults were still playing the massively popular game app as school was about to start, reported Bloomberg

So don’t delay any longer. Follow these tips to build traffic and transactions, feed the players, and build an aura of cool, youthful fun in your grocerants. Pick up immediate business, as many restaurants have already done, and be increasingly seen as a safe, post-school, post-sports and post-work meal destination.

  1. Know the game. Players find and collect virtual game characters, using their cell phone’s GPS. They can train their characters in “gyms” to fight other players. To learn more, ask a teen.
  2. Buy lures that attract the game characters – as well as potential customers that will show up at your stores and grocerants to find them. One Lure Module costs 100 PokeCoins, or just 99 cents in real U.S. currency. That buys your place 30 minutes worth of guaranteed customer traffic, states PC Magazine.
  3. Have plenty of single-serve snacks, mini-meals and chilled beverages for sale—because even hungry and thirsty Pokemon players may want to consume on the run.
  4. Celebrate Pokemon. Create cupcakes and cookies in Pokemon colors. Name menu items after game characters.
  5. Offer wifi and a battery charge hub.
  6. Attract new players by touting some of your teen staff members as instructors. See, fun for everyone.
  7. Avoid mayhem. Post courtesy signs so players don’t impede other shoppers.
  8. Offer customers discounts if they tweet about capturing Pokemon characters at your place.

Get the Pokemon experience right. You’ll be ready when the next game craze comes along.   

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