The more innovative your menu, the more it will appeal to adventurous, taste-seeking Millennials.

Out-of-the-box menus will tempt many to try your creations, especially if they feel they could mimic them at home, recreate memorable dining experiences, and even wow their partners or guests with surprise food delights.

The bigger your following for inventive ideas, the likelier your grocerants become meal-idea engines that can entice diners to shop the store for the proper ingredients. Use ideas like these below to encourage novel choices and help imprint ‘new’ on your grocerant image:

With sushi and sashimi, for instance, let shoppers watch chefs prepare and arrange plates. Describe tastes and sources of the different fish, and which are easier entry points for new diners of this cuisine (California roll). Offer tips such as: Chop sticks or fingers? Using wasabi (carefully), ginger and soy sauce. Bringing the sushi upside down into your mouth so the fish lands on your tongue, rather than the rice, for a fuller taste.

Food prep and eating demos can help other regional and cultural foods win favor. Two examples are the Cajun favorite crawfish and the Vietnamese dish pho.

The same is true for whole round fish, which many people don’t buy because they don’t know how to approach it. Highlight your fishmonger deftly carving, serving and sampling whole bronzini and snapper, and win followers.

Digital is a great teaching option, especially if time and space pose a challenge. Why not produce and post short 30-second videos of these demos on tabletop kiosks, or your Facebook page or website? So far, more than 86 million “likes” prove the popularity of BuzzFeed’s Tasty videos posted on Facebook.