The egg crossed over years ago. Today it’s the complete chicken people consume all times of day.

Credit restaurant chefs innovating with chicken for greater consumer interest on more eating occasions. An onslaught of new chicken menu items - such as sandwiches, tacos, fries and salads – target both indulgent and healthy eaters with different preparations. Chicken items are also easier on diners’ wallets and better for foodservice profits than beef due to lower costs.

Technomic data say the top 250 restaurant chains added 325 new chicken items to menus in the 12 months ended June 30, 2016 vs. 73 new beef items in the same period, CNBC reports. Foursquare data show the number of chicken-themed restaurants has grown three percent since 2015, states Eater. It notes as well that the Chick’n Shack Sandwich is the third-most popular sandwich at Shake Shack, and the Chick-fil-A chain recently spread its wings with nine percent sales growth.

Chains are chasing chicken sales because of chicken’s versatility and lower costs. Consumer demand is high enough to warrant the new imaginative chicken offerings.

How prominent should chicken items be in your grocerants? Figure in this statistic from the National Chicken Council: Americans ate 1.33 billion chicken wings while watching New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady notch his fifth Super Bowl championship last month.

Moreover, Millennials eat the most chicken wings of all demographic groups – and those aged 18-24 eat 61% more chicken wings than anyone else, says NPD Group.

With rotisserie and fried chickens already familiar to supermarket deli and prepared food shoppers, the transition onto grocerant menus could be a simple step.