There seem to be two kinds of people in the world, those inclined suffer in silence when faced with a product that doesn’t quite deliver as hoped—the majority of us, in other words—and those enlightened few who, instead of acquiescing to the inconvenience, channel their frustrations into creating a better solution.

Take sugar, for instance.  As anyone who has dumped a packet into a glass of iced tea is all too aware, the crystals don’t dissolve in a cold beverage; they simply float around for a bit before settling to the bottom as an unsightly pile of white sludge.

Whereas the rest of us just accepted this, Reid Chase, President of Cane Simple, wasn’t going to let the status quo stand.

Thus Cane Simple Liquid Sugar was born, the only individually packaged simple syrup on the market and, consequently, a 2015 recipient of the NRA Show’s coveted FABI Award.

Eventually born, that is. Because what might seem like a straightforward solution—simple syrup dissolves in cold beverages with just a stir!—doesn’t mean there wasn’t quite a bit of R&D.

“Shelf-life was a primary hurtle,” notes Chase.  “There were different barriers we experimented with for the packaging so we could ensure, at minimum, three years of freshness.  Then there was getting the flavor profiles just the way we wanted them.”

Regarding those flavors, in the end Chase decided on three: vanilla for coffee-based products, mint for tea, unflavored for basically anything.  Of course, all three for perfect for bar/cocktail applications.

“My partners are restaurateurs,” says Chase, shedding more light on Cane Simple’s genesis.  “And they’re always saying, ‘Why can’t there be a simple syrup on the tabletop, something that can just open like a sugar packet?  Or be carried around?’”

It seems they grumbled to the right guy.