One of the great things about Heineken Lager—other than its taste, of course—is that you can travel the world and expect to find its iconic green and white label in every port of call, a bit of familiarity both reassuring and welcomed, a taste of home, if you will.

Of course, if the beer doesn’t taste right, the spell is broken.  And considering that beer is notoriously sensitive both to light and air, in some cases this can be the rule rather than the exception.

Which is why Heineken developed its revolutionary BrewLock Draught Beer System, a foolproof method of delivering a drink that tastes as fresh and crisply carbonated as if it were syphoned right off the bottling line.

Unlike standard kegs, which use complicated, expensive gas-and-regulator systems to pressurize beer to the tap, the BrewLock system relies on normal atmospheric air to squeeze the inner wall and push the beer through the faucet.  It’s simple:  eliminate exposure to outside air, CO2 or mixed gases, eliminate one of the key disruptors of proper flavor.

100% recyclable, the BrewLock’s 20-liter kegs not only weigh 25% less than traditional steel kegs, but also boast a 99.9% yield, which is up to 15% more than traditional draught systems.  So in addition to fewer thrown backs and hernias, the BrewLock system offers up more beer, thus increasing sales.

“Heineken is a very green company,” says David McPhillip, Commercial Marketing Manager, On-Trade National, Heineken.  “The [BrewLock Draught Beer System] has been in research and development for quite some time.  For us to have 100% recyclable keg available helps us limit our carbon footprint.  For the consumers and retailers, though, the most compelling this about the system is taste—they can now get a brewery fresh tasting beer out of a keg because there are no outside factors—no CO2, no mixed gases, no oxygen, no light touching this beer until it’s poured into the glass.”

Recipient of a 2015 FABI Award, the National Restaurant Association’s coveted acknowledgement of food and beverage products that go above and beyond to bring delicious, unique, and exciting new experiences to the table, the Heineken BrewLock Draught Beer System can be experienced (and tasted) at booth #11309, Lakeside Bar area.