Startup Alley

Below are the exhibitors featured in 2016, chosen by a selection committee of restaurant operators.

Featured Companies


BlazeJobs: BlazeJobs is the game-changing mobile app for finding your next employee. 
Casabots: A general-purpose cooking robot for restaurants. 
Doblet: We're solving the battery problem. Charge your phone anywhere you go. 
Harri: Harri empowers hospitality companies to discover, interview, hire, and onboard employees on an intuitive, modern platform. 
Homebase: The easiest way to track hours and schedules. 
PerfectCube: Helping small retailers make great decisions. 
Petrous Media Inc: Print fewer menus, save money, and help the Blind see your menu. 
PlateiQ: Manage your restaurant back office from the cloud. 
Sourcery: Online AP automation catered to restaurants and accountants. 
SwiftSensors: SwiftSensors is the fastest way to deploy sensors and analyze their data in real time.
TradingTable: TradingTable is an online ordering and pricing platform for the wholesale foodservice industry. 
TRCKED UP LLC: You do the food. We do the rest. 
vChoose: vChoose was developed for restaurants so that any restaurant can now be a leader in digital marketing. 
VeriSolutions: Food safety made easy. Affordable HACCP compliance.