The following 14 companies were selected by our committee of restaurant operators to be showcased in our StartUp Alley pavilion. These companies are at the forefront of where digital innovation and foodservice meet. Stop by booth 5675 in the North Hall outside the Innovation Hub to check out the newest Startups in the industry.

Startup Alley 2017 exhibitors:


Booth #5675A

Adjoy is an ad platform that allows retailers to give a digital coupon reward in a mobile game to players in their local area.

Twitter2 twitter: @Adjoyinc

Bite Inc.

Booth # 5675I

Bite’s intelligent kiosks allows you to learn more about your guests and give them a personalized ordering experience.

twitter: @bitekiosk

Kitchens with Confidence

Booth # 5675F

Kitchens with Confidence is the leading full-service kitchen auditor and certified free from authority for today’s foodservice operations and manufacturers.

Instagram: @kitchenswithconfidence

twitter: @CertifiedbyKWC



Octopus Retail Management Inc.

Booth # 5675D

Be it a single store or a chain of stores. Octopus is a mPOS solution which is packed with features, allowing you to manages your business operations with ease. 

Instagram: @octopus_pos



Booth #5675M

Finally, an easy-to-use restaurant app for invoicing and inventory. Try our free app for paperless invoicing and painless inventory.

twitter: @GetOrderlyNow


Booth #5675C

Employee scheduling software that means the end of Excel.

twitter: @Planday




Booth # 5675G

We're returning restaurants to profitability by partnering with them to eliminate COSTS

twitter: @salidoNYC

SeatNinja, Inc.

Booth # 5675H

SeatNinja is a new and affordable electronic booking system for restaurants that broadcasts live wait times to customers.

twitter: @seatninja


Booth # 5675B

Improve customer service and increase repeat traffic to your business!

Facebook: @servicerules

Instagram: @servicerules

twitter: @servicerules



Booth # 5675J

Servy is the first mystery dining platform that enables you to profit on every evaluation.

twitter: @ServyApp

Swiftdine, Inc.

Booth # 5675K

Swiftdine offers a more predictable dining experience that promotes convenience, eliminates common service frictions, and delivers a more controlled customer experience.

Instagram: @swiftdine


Booth # 5675N

Transform the industry through connectivity driven solutions with unique benefits through experience.



twitter: @Tabit_US


Tapyness, LLC

Booth # 5675E

Tapyness™ delivers actionable in-context feedback to improve customer and employee satisfaction in realtime. MACRO results from micro data.

twitter: @tapyness

THRST (a GreenEcho, LLC company)

Booth # 5675L

THRST replaces the laminated menu and lets a restaurant run its entire operation from a mobile phone.