Foodamental Studio Schedule

All Foodamental Studio demos will be held in South Hall, Level 3, Booth #2388.

Barreled Over By Balsamic

Bold, smooth, sweet, complex: not all balsamics were created equal. Learn how to taste balsamic vinegar the professional way with Iron Chef America judge and Italian culinary expert Mario Rizzotti. Mario will turn you into a balsamic vinegar connoisseur and show you a few tricks of the trade on tasting. 

Brat Pack

Making an impeccable encased sausage is not an easy task—unless you know the principles behind working with forced meats. Karl Guggenmos, Owner of Culinary Solutions International and Senior Business Advisor at Snapchef, will teach you how to put together the perfect spice mix and create phenomenal filling, which you'll practice piping into casings to create your own signature brats. 

Butter Me Up

Butter is better when it's packed with complex flavors. Executive Chef Todd Kelly of Orchids at Palm Court will guide you through the process of making house made butter. Then, learn how to dress it up with unique, seasonal flavors and get inspired to try your own signature blends. 


Kendall College's professionally certified Chef Brian Schreiber will teach you the proper way to handle and use the most important piece of equipment in the kitchen—your knife. Get a better grasp on proper hand placement to improve safety while practicing your techniques with basic cuts.  

Crafting Flavor

Get familiar with bold flavors and how they influence plating presentation. Taking you beyond the recipe, Chef Elaine Sikorski of Kendall College will lead you through designing desired flavor perception of ingredients through the use of texture. 

Do You Know the Way to Poke?

Poke (pronounced poh-KAY) has become a seafood sensation on menus everywhere. Get acquainted with the history of this refreshing Hawaiian dish that pairs super fresh diced fish with a variety of savory and sweet garnishes. Chef Rodelio Aglibot (AKA The Food Buddha) of FireFin Poke Shop will demonstrate how to build a bowl that hits all the right notes—and how to get creative with your own version of this on-trend dish. 

Get Down To Fizz-Ness

Carbonated beverages are big business these days as customers look for better nutrition, natural taste, and fun food pairings. Author and mixologist Steve McDonagh of the critically acclaimed Hearty Boys will teach you the art of soda through tastings and a demo on how to make your own natural and tasty sodas from scratch. 


Kendall College's professionally certified Chef Brendan McDermott will teach you the proper way to handle and use the most important piece of equipment in the kitchen—your knife. Get a better grasp on proper hand placement to improve safety while practicing your techniques with basic cuts. 

Latitude Adjustment

Learn the art of latitudinal cuisine with John Csukor, CEO/CMO of KOR Food Innovation. This is the harmonious melding of two cuisines through general latitude, growing practices, indigenous ingredients, and cooking styles. Explore how to create new fusions and get practice creating some yourself. 

Loco for Cocoa

Chocolate is a perennial favorite, but now is the time to learn some new tricks for this top treat. Chef Bev Shaffer of Vitamix leads this fun, interactive session that immerses you in the flavors of chocolate. Taste different types and then make your own chocolate bark and chocolate espresso fondue. 

No Bones About It

Make no bones about it—whole boned poultry is an art. Logan McCoy, Director of Culinary and Business Manager of KOR Food Innovation, will show you how to debone a whole chicken without piercing the skin. Once boned, you'll get to try out techniques for stuffing the bird so you can add fowl with flair to your menu. 

Nose to Tail Know-How

As Fergus Henderson often quotes, "If you're going to kill the animal it seems only polite to use the whole thing." Chris Pandel, Executive Chef at Swift & Sons and Partner of B. Hospitality Co. will provide a quick tutorial on "whole beast eating," showing you how to use some of the lesser-used parts of the animal and providing tips on how we can be considerate and consume sustainably.

Queen of Tarts

When it comes to tarts, Chef Gale Gand knows how to build the best ones. Learn her tried-and-true tart techniques while making your own pear tart. From puff pastry to a salted caramel sauce, you'll be preparing desserts that dazzle in no time. 

Rolling in the Steep

Think about the complex, earthy, and floral notes that you love about tea—and now consider how great they would taste used in cooking, like as a rub for chicken. Join Chef Adam Kube of Bastille Kitchen to discover a whole new way to use tea in the kitchen. You'll prepare chicken with a custom rub created using tea and learn the inspiration behind this unique technique from this Boston-based chef who knows a thing or two about the history of tea.

Rules of the Rolls

Becoming a traditional itamae of sushi takes years of on-the-job training and apprenticeship. In this session, Corporate Executive Chef Ce Bian and Chef de Cuisine Justin Reding of Roka Akor Chicago will teach you the techniques and key components of a perfect roll. Touch and feel the roll while you practice the art of rolling sushi.

Taking Back Breakfast

It's widely know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day for busy people. Here's the question: why do people limit themselves to the same old flavors and ingredients in the morning? Executive Chef Drew Davis of The Eastman Egg Company gives you the tools to create the perfect breakfast sandwich that brings new levels of flavor!

Twist and Salt

Go global with a new twist on serving seafood. Using lemon and salt to preserve and flavor seafood is a practice with deep historical roots that is experiencing a serious comeback on menus these days. Executive Chef Marcos Flores of Latinicity will share the history of Peruvian ceviche and Spanish salty fish while teaching you these ancient techniques. 

Under the Canapé

Chef Kevin Hickey of Bottlefork and The Duck Inn, known for his farm-to-table philosophy and big, bold flavors, will show you how to make his modern interpretation of a classic canapé, bruschetta. Chef Hickey will demonstrate and instruct you how to build the perfect spring bite using unique seasonal and non-traditional ingredients.

What's the Dill With Pickles?

Historically, the preservation of food allowed us to build roots and live in one place, which helped form communities. Chef Phillip Foss of EL ideas will share his enthusiasm for and expertise on the art of food preservation with you. Get your hands dirty while making a quick pickle to take home.