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This year's lineup is taking shape but until then take a look back at last year's sessions to get excited about what's to come:

Chef Carlo from Clyde Common introduced the audience to a traditional ethnic breakfast, Arroz Caldo and demonstrated the main portions of the dish while teaching the audience how to breakdown a whole chicken and understand how to create the perfect garnish.

Chef Carlo Lamagna, Executive Chef, Clyde Common & Twisted Filipino Dinner Series

Chef Michael from True Food taught the audience how to incorporate ancient grains into cooking, substituting traditional starches and meats with farro, quinoa, etc. The audience formed quinoa patties and then was able to taste the finished product.

Chef Michael Sullivan, True Food

Kendall College Faculty Member, Chef Peggy Ryan, taught the audience how simple it is to make your own cheese at home with simple ingredients and minimal kitchen tools.

Chef Peggy Ryan, Instructor & Faculty Member, Kendall College

Chef Jesse Roque from Never Blue demonstrated how to pickle meat and fruit. Audience members learned how to make a rough chop pate. 

Chef Jesse Roque, Never Blue

Ricardo Jarquin from Travelle Kitchen + Bar showed the audience how to make a Filipino style ceviche made with traditional Filipino ingredients and flavors.

Ricardo Jarquin, Travelle Kitchen + Bar

Audience members learned from famed food photographer Huge Galdones of Galdones Photography, the best strategies for photographing food for social media. 

Huge Galdones, Galdones Photography

Chef Bill Kim from BellyQ introduced the audience to Asian spices while demonstrating how to make Asian Al Pastor. The audience worked under Chef's instruction in building their own dish and were able to taste, smell and see texture of the different ingredients used in the dish.

Chef Bill Kim, Executive Chef & Owner, BellyQ

The audience watched Chef Todd from Orchids at Palm Court make typical household condiments from scratch and even made one of their own!

Chef Todd Kelly, Executive Chef, Orchids at Palm Court

James Lintelmann from Baptiste & Bottle taught the audience how to make traditional Gyoza Japanese dumplings and educated them on different folding techniques used by various chefs.

Chef James Lintelmann, Executive Chef, Baptiste & Bottle

Chocolate showed off its savory, sassy AND sweet side in this delectable class featuring craveable dark chocolate recipes from Chef Bev Shaffer. 

Chef Bev Shaffer, Chef, Vitamix

Controlling food waste is both economically and socially responsible. Chef Nicole Pederson from Found talked about how she has used food scraps responsibly and creatively.

Chef Nicole Pederson, Executive Chef & Owner, Found

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but variety and ease is essential in keeping breakfast an interesting and delightful dish. Audience members learned how to balance the acidity and salt in their food and followed along with Chef Abra Berens from Local Foods Chicago as she turned eggs, beans and veggies into an exciting and easy breakfast.

Chef Abra Berens, Executive Chef, Local Foods Chicago

Making the perfect pasta is an art so it's essential to master the fundamentals. Chef Cameron Grant of Chicago's Osteria Langhe, taught the audience all the basics of pasta making, while he walked through some of his most treasured and beloved years in Piemonte, Italy.

Chef Cameron Grant, Executive Chef & Owner, Osteria Langhe, Animale & Langhe Pasta

Angelina Bastidas from Bin 36 readied the audience for summer as she showed how to take Spring and Summer fresh ingredients and turn them into cool soups perfect for the warm weather.

Angeline Bastidas, Bin 36

Chef Jacob Verstegen from London House talked about the importance of sustainable seafood while demonstrating an Arctic Char Zuke. The audience marinaded, sliced, and seasoned their own fish.

Chef Jacob Verstegen, Executive Chef, London House

Kendall College's professionally certified Chef, Christopher Koetke, taught attendees the proper way to handle and use the most important piece of equipment in the kitchen—the knife. 

Chef Christopher KoetkeVice President, Laureate International Universities Center of Excellence in Culinary Arts; Vice President, Kendall College School of Culinary Arts

Chef CJ, Executive Chef and Partner at Ema, a Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises restaurant, guided the audience through a key feature of Eastern Mediterranean dining—the meze platter.

Chef CJ JacobsonExecutive Chef & Partner, Ema

Chef Jove Hubbard from Cindy's demonstrate preparing a sorbet popsicle base, creating a popsicle mold and the steps to creating the refreshing treat, including dipping and finishing the popsicle.

Chef Jove Hubbard, Cindy's