• 8' back draping plus two 33” high draped side rails (except Islands & peninsulas) 
  • Sign with company name and booth number
  • General overhead lighting
  • Sanitary dishwashing facilities
  • Exhibitor Service Centers
  • Listings in NRA Show 2018 Exhibit Guide & Program and NRA Show 2018 Website


  • General Show – Grey & White Drape, Blue Aisle Carpet
  • Organic & Natural Pavilion – Green Drape, Green Aisle Carpet
  • Technology Pavilion – Black Drape, Black Aisle Carpet

Utility port access

Utility ports are located in the floors of the North, South and Lakeside Center exhibit halls. These ports provide access to electrical, plumbing (water & drain) and natural gas.

If your booth is not equipped with a utility port, access will be drawn from a neighboring exhibit or, if necessary, dropped from overhead. NO PORT ACCESS WILL BE ALLOWED FROM THE AISLES.

All costs associated with utilities are your responsibility. Utilities can be ordered through GES when the Exhibitor Service Kit launches in January.

See where utility ports are located:


Design Regulations

Review the design regulations for your booth.

Island and Peninsula floorplan designs must be approved. Floor plans are due to Show Management using our Floor Plan Submission form by March 1st for approval.