What an all-inclusive name for a national day of observance...

And that’s because while the general concept of this sandwich is the same, what customers around the country call this phenomenon varies greatly. And might just inform what you put on your menu.


Of course we’ve known this is regional, which is probably why Professor Bert Vaux and Scott Golder conducted their intensive Harvard Dialect Survey. This study included 30,788 respondents and documented how 122 different terms and pronunciations are used with detailed state-by-state data.

But here’s where it gets awesome. Enter Joshua Katz, a Ph.D stats student at N.C. State, who last year decided to put these terms on the map.

It should be no surprise that food terms and pronunciations are both numerous and intensely regional. Katz' website has them all, so have fun learning just where your region lands—and perhaps what your menu and staff should be saying to either conform—or not—on foods including:

 • Crayfish/crawfish/crawdad

 • Caramel

 • Coleslaw

 • Mayonnaise

 • Pecan

 • Syrup

 • Cauliflower

 • Milk Shake

 • Bear Claw (pastry)

 • Vinegar & Oil Dressing

 • Sub vs. Hoagie vs. Hero


See the full line-up of maps here >>>