When it comes to disrupting the fast food space, it ain't no thing but a chicken wing—at least if you're Starbird, a brand new quick-service operation focusing on high quality chicken across all dayparts slated to open in Sunnyvale, CA, and Foster City, CA, this summer. 

Starbird is poised to revolutionize the classic drive-through model by combining the convenience of on-demand ordering and delivery with speedy service right to your car. Instead of requesting a car or food delivery, guests will use an app to pre-order their meal and once they arrive, the meal will be delivered right to the car waiting in a designated space, which not only cuts down on unpredictable and sometimes cumbersome drive-through wait times, but also means no more idling in a long line. Guests can pull into their space and just hang out until the food arrives right at their window. 

Technology ranging from mobile app and loyalty programs to delivery and order status updates will be their secret sauce. It's high tech without being high touch, meaning guests can have a seamless transaction that feels natural and provides reliable customer experience from order to pickup. 

Not only will the overall guest experience be enhanced by top-of-the-line technology, but guests will also enjoy premium products including locally sourced chicken and high end coffee. While the similarities to fast casual are apparent, Starbird is well on its way to carving a critical niche in the drive-through world with its combination of craveable food, accessibility, and progressive operations.