Get a giant pot of mushroom soup going. Craft a quick mushroom-based special. And get all “fun-guy” jokes out of your system. Today, October 15th,  is National Mushroom Day. Here are eleven foodie facts to kick off the fun...

1. When you cook with mushrooms, you might be cooking in uncharted territory. Scientists just discovered three new species in a package they pulled off a store shelf.

2. Mushrooms contain more protein than most vegetables and are one of the few natural sources of Vitamin D

3. Chef Jehangir Mehta uses them as a delicious way to cut back on red meat

4. Want to cut down on chicken too? The Laetiporus mushroom grows in the wild and tastes just like it…

5. China produces the most mushrooms in the world, logging 13.17 billion pounds in 2010

6. Portabellos, whites, and buttons are the exact same mushroom—just at different stages of maturity

7. Chef Anne Burrel shares her killer Mushroom Soup with Bacon recipe

8. UK –based vegetarian chef Eddie Shepherd makes a high-tech burger made mostly from mushrooms

9. Here’s your local sourcing: chefs can have a lot of fun carefully hunting their own mushrooms, like the Forager Chef.

10. A single portabella mushroom has more potassium than one banana.

11. Chef Becky Selegut JUST launched her cookbook Shroom—one of the most definitive publications to-date.

Inspired? Curious? Go culinarily crazy for this special day.

Here awesome mushroom facts if you need them.