On August 15, we will celebrate the birthday of one of the most entertaining, endearing, and beloved chefs of all time, Julia Child. It was Child who paved the way for the celebrity chefs of today, many of whom grace the stage at NRA Show’s World Culinary Showcase each year, thanks to her groundbreaking cooking show. In honor of her zest for life, fine food, and fun, we’ve put together our top five favorite Julia Child moments from through the years.

Bon appetit!  

The Chicken Episode: Perhaps one of the most well-known moments on Julia’s show, her expert work with chicken is eclipsed by her impeccable comedic timing and storytelling about the so-called “chicken sisters.” Who knew headless carcasses could have so much character? Only in the hands of Julia Child.

Julia and Jacques Forever: Champagne and oysters. Cantaloupe and prosciutto. Julia and Jacques. These pairings are all fabulous on their own, but trascendent together. When Julia and Jacques took to the kitchen, their equally ebullient personalities and passion for all things food made for some ridiculously entertaining television.

The French Chef hits SNL: Alright, this one isn’t technically Julia, but it’s too iconic to not include in this list. Dan Ackroyd took on the role of playing Julia and poked good-natured fun at her effervescent and, at times, overly enthusiastic presence in the kitchen. But isn’t that why we all adore her? She made cooking, even the most labor-intensive recipes, seem like an exciting adventure. Luckily, she was far less accident-prone that Ackroyd’s portrayal would make it seem.

Julia, Resourceful Chef Extraordinaire: First of all, couldn’t you listen to Julia say croissant forever? Watch as she bakes up a beautiful batch of these tender pastries with ease--all while relying on the help of your run-of-the-mill heating pad.

Speaking of Potatoes: Julia, a woman with a decorated French cooking pedigree and a highly refined palate, was also a McDonald’s french fry enthusiast. Celebrity chefs, they’re just like us!