What’s in your frier? Are you looking to get away from French fries and cheese sticks? Here's some inspiration.

State fairs have long been pioneers of deep-fried debauchery, with experiments including deep-fried butter, Oreos, Twinkies and more.

This weekend, however, an event took place in Alabama that takes deep-frier experimentation to all new levels. The 3rd annual Athens Grease Festival is dedicated to all things fried. It’s been named one of the oddest festivals in the state, and not only cooks up delicious versions of existing recipes, but pushes the limit of what can/should be through pure experimentation in the “Will it fry? Challenge.”

(image: athensgreasefestival.com)

This year than meant a boiled egg, candy circus peanuts, a slice of pecan pie, pizza and more.

Take a look at the full menu and website for details on how everything went down—and see if you can draw some inspiration for your own menu.