DIY Pizza pies are in the news lately, largely because Chipotle is in the process of rolling out Pizzera Locale, a modern pie concept that serves up customized pizzas for customers in 90 seconds. The move purports to put them in competition with the large pizza chains for a big chunk of consumer dough, and has Business Insider noting that Pizza Hut is uniquely positioned to adapt and confront the challenge head-on.

Is this the future of pizza?
Of course not everyone has the resources and flexibility of Chipotle and Pizza Hut, but here’s D.C. pizza start-up &Pizza thriving on the very same model. It’s one of many working the “your way” format successfully. Here are 11 more.

But it seems this is as much about style as it is pizza. It’s a manifestation of consumers “just the way I want it” expectation that strengthens by the day. It is—you already know—largely attributed to Millennials.

It’s about customization
Marc Halperin at QSR documented the writing on the wall last August, observing that Millennials “consider food customization something of a birthright.”

He brings us directly back to Chiptole—the Mexican version—to point out that its successful DIY format is a sign of the latest customer wants and a model to inspire other operations.

Perhaps this new extreme is a symptom of the Facebook era and our desire for self expression? Who will make next move in this “Chipotle Model” now rapidly proliferating in the pizza world?

Who could say?…but Pizza Hut just announced that it is expanding its new Slice Bar concept.