It's no secret that consumers are spending more and more time dining outside of the home. But, as Coca-Cola discovered, there's a treasure trove of opportunity that has yet to be successfully unlocked in the foodservice beverage space. 

As part of an extensive study across multiple demographics, regions, and dayparts, Coca-Cola spotted a wealth of untapped potential that they then translated into the catalyst for innovation within their foodservice product line. 

Notably, the data collected indicated that situations and moods are a better predictor of consumer behavior than demographic. Feelings of excitement and stress can drive consumers toward more indulgent choices, whereas consumers feeling more unprepared or burdened may look for beverage options like energy drinks, juices, and smoothies to help them escape and cope. 

Armed with this new information, Coca-Cola tasked their team with building out a matrix of situational use case scenarios that are influenced by moods and emotions to help develop a laser-focused approach to their foodservice beverage solutions. Instead of creating products with specific demographics in mind, they now look at each partner's use case scenario to craft customized Coca-Cola product offerings that address their specific needs on the emotional spectrum of the customer's decision-making proess. 

And that's where new offerings like Blue Sky Sodas in fountain format come into play. Not only as mood states influencing purchase decisions, but the increasing desire to get beverage options that align with the natural and craft beverage trends is pushing companies like Coca-Cola to deliver options that boast natural ingredients, minimal coloring, and 100% cane sugar. This West Coast favorite, which has a cult following in retail, will be making its debut in foodservice and offered in a lineup of flavors that include Tangerine Lime and Root Beer. 

In addition to tapping into the craft beverage trend, new additions to the fountain portfolio include three Dasani Sparkling flavors: Tropical Pineapple, Black Cherry, and Lime. Sparkling waters are on the rise in popularity, and Coca-Cola hopes to capture even more beverage sales opportunities by broadening into this category at the fountain.