Eater just published an article asking the question many of us have been thinking: Is Rick Bayless the Most Interesting Man in the World?

Author Amy McKeever cites Gatsby-esque parties, Bruce Lee caliber physical prowess, saintly levels of philanthropy and more—plus that cooking thing…

I scratched the surface of the issue last summer, but my head exploded in a mix of awe and jealousy, and I concluded only that Bayless is perhaps the greatest hugger in the world.

McKeever’s piece is a fantastic read. And I hope she continues down the rabbit hole, because I still feel there is an uncertain certainly of which we must all be vigilant: there is more than meets the eye here. Read…

Eat. Write. Hug.
By Aaron Adams
National Restaurant Association

An ongoing series in which an NRA Show writer asks celebrity chefs for hugs to see what happens. 

Chef Rick Bayless

Bayless’ intensity and air of control makes me feel like we’re all really lucky he’s an uber-nice guy. 

He’s almost too sharp… too good. In case you didn’t know, when he’s not waltzing around Mexico, Central and South America like the damn Indiana Jones of chefs—HE’S LITERALLY WALTZING AROUND as an awesome ballroom dancer—while also growing his own food, opening new restaurants, writing books…or as Bayless calls it, “just another Thursday.”

People this renaissance are to be feared, because you KNOW the list of things he’s awesome at doesn’t end at cooking, writing and dancing—it’s probably something like cooking, writing, dancing, bartitsu, nuclear physics, and Jedi psychology.

Simply put: Bayless might be the real life Tony Stark. Or Batman…

So I asked for my hug. And without flinching—without hesitation—without breaking character, he gave me one of the biggest, warmest hugs of the day. Because of course he did.

I’ve got my eye on you, Bayless…