Sometimes people like to throw on a blazer or that little black dress and hit the town.  They’ll sit down and enjoy a nice meal, and in the process often have access to both a great wine list and some expertise to guide them.  

But let’s face it, if you’re picking up food and taking it home—it’s not that kind of night. Whether it’s lack of availability of the right libation or an expert to help, you’ll likely opt for a gallon-sized diet coke or something easy from the fridge. Until now!

Thrillist charged a certified sommelier with pairing 12 popular take-out foods with an “appropriate and affordable wine.” Hamburgers, pizza, Chinese food—your treasure map to taste is here.

Here’s the article:

Which Wine Should You Drink With Your Favorite Takeout Food?

But first think of the possibilities…

Here’s what’s extra interesting. What if a take-out place embraced this? What if they were ready with wine suggestions (and locations?) perfect for what you just ordered and where you’re coming from? Or kept it on-hand at retail-ish prices?

Could/should the the wing place keep a couple of bottles of Zin on hand? For a nominal fee, would you let a Chinese food delivery driver pick up a bottle of chardonnay?

It looks like date night on the couch just got a little fancier...