Consumer Trends in Foodservice and Beyond
Each year, Mintel global analysts identify and analyze key consumer trends. This session guides you through events, products and services that are poised to influence consumers in 2016. Exclusive consumer data from Mintel and real world examples will help you better understand how today's consumer thinks, feels and acts so you can stay ahead.


Expert Advice Along the Path to Sustainability
If you know nothing about starting your sustainability journey, this session is for you. Hear expert tips and suggestions for getting on the right path to sustainability. Learn five action-oriented, tried-and-true efficiency steps that you can begin implementing in your operation right away.


Hire, Train, Reward Retain-Developing a Team of Top Performers
Finding great people who do great work is a huge challenge. Learn more about effective, cutting-edge recruiting and hiring tactics, robust training for multigenerational staff, incentive and bonus programs to drive your top line and employee engagement, and methods for increasing retention.


Menus 2016—Turning Trends into Money Makers 
There's been an unprecedented shift in diners' expectations toward menus, ingredients and transparency. These attitudes and appetites impact menu R&D across all segments. This fast-paced overview will cover top trends alongside examples of prep and presentation techniques that will guarantee a connection with your customer.


Tipping Point: Experts Debate Gratuity Structures 
Tips are top of mind for restaurant operators and consumers alike as high profile stories about the elimination of tipping make the rounds. This session will feature industry experts debating how tipping, or lack thereof, impacts staff engagement, guest experience, and the future of dining.


Under The Hood—The Mechanics of Social Media
Knowing what's going on 'under the hood' of your social media marketing efforts makes a huge difference when it comes to the success of your social campaigns. Learn practical steps for unlocking the full potential of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and video. We're talking actionable moves you can immediately implement to turn social followers into loyal diners.