Marketing at NRA Show

Competition in the restaurant and hospitality industry is fierce. Many market segments are mature, meaning that the only new customers you get are those you get from other operations. Limited new markets are coming into play but you’re not the only one trying to capture their loyalty. Social media and online review sites have taken marketing to a whole new level of complexity.

NRA Show 2014 addressed this issue head-on—as suppliers, innovators, experts and educators all over the Show united to help attendees from across the industry understand the opportunities out there and capture them effectively.

Ask the Design Experts
During NRA Show 2014, attendees got to sit for a free 30-minute consultation with a restaurant/hospitality expert specializing in marketing, as well as facility design and d├ęcor. FCSI experts listened to operators' objectives, questions and concerns from, then talked each through tailored options to move forward.

Operator Innovations Awards
For the first time, the Operator Innovations Awards included a category that identifies excellence and advancement in marketing activities. See what finalists Boston Pizza International, Subway and category winner Orange Country Public Schools brought to the table, then read the press release to learn all the great advancements that came out of the 2014 program.

Marketing education session focus on a number of topics, including:

Social Media and Marketing Technology
Target Market Segments
Marketing Sustainability and Social Responsibility


Social Media and Marketing Technology

Butts in Seats: 5 Carefully Guarded Social Media & Online Marketing Strategies that Actually Increase Guest Counts
Attendees at this session got inside tips to retain guests and promote more profitable items, plus use top online platforms including Facebook, OpenTable, Instagram and Fishbowl to gain rapid exposure. They also went home with no-nonsense strategies in areas including in-house events, catering via LinkedIn and search engine marketing to increase guest count, boost catering sales and super-charge profits.

When Marketing Met Technology
Marketing is becoming a technology-powered discipline, from the front-facing technologies we use to engage with prospects and customers to the back-office technologies we use for a new generation of marketing operations. NRA Show attendees who were at this session are now poised to take advantage of this tremendous potential and increased reach, with a grasp of how to integrate technology into their core marketing functions.

Wading Into the Big Data Pool
Technology and innovation significantly change how restaurateurs interact with customers. Big Data is at the crux of this frontier. This session explored how restaurants can interact responsibly with customers when harnessing Big Data by using marketing techniques that drive loyalty, customer satisfaction and profitability.



How to Overcome the “Big is Bad” Bias: Trust-Building Transparency
In the news, on social media, in our day-to-day conversations, we're bombarded with information—and often misinformation—about food. It's no wonder anxious consumers are asking more questions. Is organic better for me? Should I eat processed foods? Will GMO foods harm my family and me? This session taught attendees to separate food fact from fiction, and how open, honest communication with guests can establish stronger brands and relationships.

Target Market Segments

Post-Millennial Apocalypse? Understanding Generation Connect (Gen C)
This session defined Generation Connect (ages 18 and younger) in terms of size and spending potential, as well as values and beliefs driving purchase behaviors and communications. All in attendance learned more about this fascinating, emerging demographic and its potential impact on the foodservice industry.

The Art and Science of Capturing the Opportunity within the Diverse Millennial Population
Millennials are the most racially and ethnically diverse generation to-date. This diversity has translated to an eclectic palate and desire for authenticity that strongly influences their food and dining preferences. This presentation delved into their media and buying behaviors to present a unique perspective on this connected generation, both online and offline, and show how to best reach and engage them in a meaningful way.

Secrets to Winning Mom... And Her Family's Spending Money
More than 80% of families say mom controls most of the money, especially in the food category. If you're looking for sales gains, higher check averages, or increased loyalty from families, you need to win Mom. At NRA Show 2014, we heard strategies to engage Mom both inside and outside the restaurant through social media, and learned how to win her over with important elements including kids menus, food trends and portion sizes.

New Research Shows How to Win the Hispanic Consumer (Note: Full findings to be released in March 2014) 
Accounting for more than half of the nation's growth between 2000-2010, the Hispanic market is the new mainstream and it is driving growth in the restaurant industry. Using new proprietary research on casual dining, expert presenters delivered a detailed look at the Hispanic demographic including behaviors, needs and attitudes, along with a step-by-step guide to reach these valuable consumers and drive business.


Marketing Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Cause Marketing: Why Doing Good is Good for Business
Cause Marketing is all the buzz. Done well, it can differentiate your brand, establish you as an employer of choice and demonstrate social responsibility to consumers who expect businesses to play a larger role in the world's welfare. Industry leaders and CEOs discussed the restaurant industry’s role in giving back and how it fits into a business model. 

Green Practices to Achieve Youth and Millennial Loyalty
How sustainable is sustainability for future generations? Attendees learned how students are taking hold of core concepts in sustainable hospitality and food sourcing. Three dynamic speakers covered the importance of this generation for business and how operators can message their restaurants' environmental efforts.