Kitchens to Go, built by Carlin Manufacturing

Bolt On Kitchens

Bolt on KitchensKitchens to GoKitchens to Go/Carlin Manufacturing Bolt On Kitchen Facilities are pre-constructed, code compliant, turnkey, commercial kitchens that may be affixed to an existing building at a fraction of the effort and expense of conventional construction.

The value of the Bolt On Kitchen over conventional construction are: minimal disruption of daily operations, lower costs than conventional construction, scalable to meet production capacity requirements, custom finished interior/exterior construction to match existing building aesthetics.

Custom units can be designed and built to meet exact specifications or fleet units are immediately available for delivery and installation, allowing for quick expansion or reallocation of existing interior space.

Bolt On Kitchens are a great solution for facility expansion and a fast, energy efficient, green alternative to traditional brick and mortar construction.